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  • HorseRail® - Hottop Plus®
  • HorseRail® - Hottop Plus®
  • HorseRail® - Hottop Plus®
  • HorseRail® - Hottop Plus®
HorseRail® - Hottop Plus®

Magnum NZ

The flexibility, smoothness and strength of this rail not only protect the horse and rider from injuries caused by conventional railing, these characteristics also provide a long lasting, attractive fence that requires little maintenance.

This is the genuine Horserail® originating in the USA and designed to be easily installed using a patented procedure for attaching, joining and tensioning. There is no stripping, crimping or notching needed and the end result is a properly installed fence with no exposed wires.

If it doesn't say Horserail®, it's not Horserail® 


4"3 Wire Hottop Plus® 660

3 Strands of 12.5 gauge (2.5mm) electrogalvanized ASTM class 3, pre-straightened high tensile wire, 180,000 PSI, min. breaking strength 4,200 Lbs, molecularly bonded to medium density UV stabilized polyethlene plastic, pat. no. 6,533,881

2 conductive strips - top and bottom

Rail width: 4.25" (108mm )

Thickness of webbing: .050" (1.27mm )

Roll length: 660' (200m)

Weight: 135 LBS

Dimensions: 38"L x 38"W x 5"H (97cm x 97cm x 13cm )

Rolls per skid: 12 ROLLS

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I build this myself? 
Yes, if you follow the directions we provide and have some practical experience, you can successfully build this fence. It may take you a little while to complete, but like anything else, with more experience you become more proficient and faster. Try to learn as much as you can before starting the project. Also, you might consider using the services of a professional installer to drive or set the posts, leaving you to finish the rail. 

How long will it last? 
We use a large plastic supplier who blends in a UV stabilisation package in the premium grade polyethylene plastic we buy, and we stand behind their products. Because of this we offer up to a 30 year limited warranty, knowing that polyethylene will usually outperform other plastics. 

What post spacing can I use? 
This is a personal choice, usually 3 - 3.5 mtrs, but the more pressure there will be, the closer you want the posts. 

Should I consider a professional installer? 
Qualified installers have the equipment, tools and experience to give you a permanent, professional looking structure. For every dollar you spend, it will be returned in increased equity by adding value to your property. If you have never built a fence like this, consider having an experienced fencing contractor quote and install the first section of fence, so that you might be able to watch him. Then you can make an evaluation as to whether you finish the installation or have him do it. 

Will my horses crib on the rail? 
Electrifying will stop horses from biting or cribbing on fences. 

Should I use electric with the fence? 
YES! Strongly Recommended! 

How many spoolers do I need? 
One spooler per span (end-to-end) in the middle of up to 660?(200m). More information on Tensioning Spoolers can be found here

What will this fence cost me? 
About the same as a board fence in cash outlay, however when the annual maintenance cost is taken into account, our rail fence is less expensive. It's the safety factor that is difficult to place a value on when it comes to the safety of your animals. 

Why do you think your product is better than the other companies? 
We asked the same question to contractors and consumers who have handled other products and they prefer ours. Please check it out for yourself.

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