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  • Mare and Foal Crush
  • Mare and Foal Crush
  • Mare and Foal Crush
Mare and Foal Crush

Magnum NZ

The magnum® crush has proven to be very popular with breeding studs and vets.

We provide our customers with choice and flexibility if our standard size crush requires amendments to suit your needs. Our team can assist you with any design changes you may wish to make.


Our mare and foal crush is manufactured with 350 grade steel RHS, galvanised and lined with Magnaclad. Padded sides are also available as an optional extra. The doors are fitted with 20mm spring loaded pins which have a safety slam latch feature. This eliminates the sometimes frustrating task of trying to slide a manual door bolt into place with a challenging mare pushing against the door. 

The standard crush is 1200mm high: the mare pen is 1700mm x 800mm and the adjoining foal pen is 2300mm x 1200mm.


The Standard Crush is 1200mm high, the Mare Pen is 1700mm long x 800mm wide and the Foal Pen is 2300mm long x 1200mm wide.

All lined with Magnaclad.

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